Full Name:
Norman Osborn JR.

First Appearance:
Amazing Spider-Man
#23 (Face in the crowd)
Amazing Spider-Man
#37 (Formally introduced)

Amazing Spider-Man #122

Return/ Revival:
Amazing Spider-Man

Never Shown

Harry Osborn - Son (deceased)...Liz Allan Osborn - Daughter-In-Law...Normy Osborn - Grandson
...Emily - Wife (deceased)


Initially introduced as just a "face in the crowd", Norman Osborn soon became an integral part of the Spider-Verse. The owner and president of Osborn Industries, was revealed just two issues after his "formal" introduction to be Spider-Man's arch nemesis, the Green Goblin. He became the Goblin after experimenting with his associate, Dr. Mendel Stromm's formula, which exploded in his face giving him his powers. With a long legacy, Norman/ Goblin would "die" then be "re-born" years later. The mantle of the Green Goblin would pass to his son Harry after his "death", with a couple of "poser" Green Goblins after that. A complex and intelligent man, Norman Osborn is a man obsessed with power, but he has also been plagued with madness over his long career as a business man and villain.



Norman was first seen as a "face in the crowd" in Amazing Spider-Man #23, where he is seen in an executive club along other well-to-do men including Daily Bugle publisher J. Jonah Jameson. The innocent "face in the crowd" appeared again in Amazing Spider-Man #25, where he bought an ad in the Daily Bugle. It wasn't until Amazing Spider-Man #37 (seen left) where that "face in the crowd" was given a name: Norman Osborn, the father of Peter Parker's friend and fellow Empire State University student Harry Osborn. There was a hint of mystery surrounding Norman in that debut issue, but two issues later, that mystery disappeared.


In Amazing Spider-Man #39, it was revealed that Norman Osborn is the Green Goblin, whose identity has been in question since his debut in Amazing Spider-Man #14. After Peter and Norman learned each other's identities, the Goblin was defeated by Spider-Man and became amnesiac. Norman would go on the become a supporting character in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, and on several occasions, his memory returned temporarily. His memory returned for what was believed to be the very last time just before Amazing Spider-Man #121 & #122, where he tragically killed Peter's girlfriend Gwen Stacy, and then died from being impaled by his own Goblin Glider.




Originally planning to be just a leader of underworld organized crime in his early appearances, the Goblin evolved into Spider-Man's greatest enemy. Even his legacy lived on in the form of his son Harry who became the second Goblin. Thought dead for years, Norman was revealed to be alive and well at the end of Amazing Spider-Man #418, even outliving his son Harry. Due to his superhuman healing ability, Norman survived being impaled by his glider, then escaped to Europe where he "ran" the life of Peter Parker to his linking. In fact, he was revealed to be the Mastermind behind the entire Clone Saga and was responsible for Ben Reilly's (the clone) death in Spider-Man #75.


After the clone saga, he again became a supporting cast member. He purchased the Daily Bugle in Spectacular Spider-Man #249, and further created havoc for Peter Parker/ Spider-Man without donning the Goblin costume. He would participate in the "Gathering of Five" ceremony where he awarded the "gift" of madness, and again battled Spider-Man, where it was revealed  that he faked the death of Peter's Aunt May. He became completely mad, and was nursed back to health by a nurse/ love interest named Kolina. Most recently, Norman has been trying to coerce Peter into becoming his heir in a storyline that began in the mini-series Revenge Of The Green Goblin.




History through Thumbnails

Unofficial 1st Appearance
Amazing Spider-Man #23
Official 1st
Amazing Spider-Man #37

Amazing Spider-Man #39
Norman's "Death"
Amazing Spider-Man #122
Amazing Spider-Man #418
Norman Defies Death
Spider-Man #75



Norman Osborn will be played by actor Willem Dafoe in the Spider-Man Motion Picture, out May 2002.

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