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April 1996

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Supporting Cast:
Norman Osborn, Harry Osborn, Liz Osborn, Sally Avril, Flash Thompson, J. Jonah Jameson


 Enforcers (Fancy Dan, Montana, Ox), 1st Headsman

"Harry's Story" - 20 Pages

- Kurt Busiek
Artist - Pat Olliffe
Inker - Al Vey & Pam Eklund
Cover -
Pat Olliffe
- Richard Starkings
Colorist -
Steve Mattsson
Editor - Tom Brevoort
Editor In Chief - Bob Harras

The Big Man and the Enforcers were all introduced in the memorable Amazing Spider-Man #10. In it, the Big Man was unmasked, revealing himself to be Daily Bugle reporter Frederick Foswell. Now they are all in prison after being defeated by Spider-Man and captured by the police. A young man named Harry Osborn reads the headlines in the Daily Globe concerning this major event, and is excited to the point where he just can't wait to show his father. The older Osborn, Named Norman, cannot be bothered with such trivial matters, and goes about his day. Harry wonders out loud that his father has changed lately, acting angry all the time. Norman scolds his son implying that he is whiny and useless son. We all know what the deal is here, with Norman being the Green Goblin and all, but this is an Untold Tale that takes places before the time we were SUPPOSED to know that! Anyway, Norman gets to his "real work" after Harry leaves his office, and get a little origin of the Green Goblin through use of a little daydream by Norman. He remembers how his ex-partner, Mendel Stromm, embezzled money from him. It was then that Norman had complete control of Mendel's notes, but after trying to analyze his work, created an explosion that lefty Norman forever changed with great power. After hiring the Scorcher (See Untold Tales Of Spider-Man #1) to steal secret documents for him, Norman slowly accumulated many plans for electronic and scientific equipment that he would put to good use in the near future. That near future is now, according to Osborn, as he is "Ready to strike!"

Elsewhere, as reported on the radio, Spider-Man is fighting the Enforcers at Benson's department store, and having an easy time with them. Just when the fighting seems to be over with, a new super powered villain crashes the party, and he calls himself the Headsman. With a powerful headsman axe, the hooded Headsman flies freely standing on some sort of anti-gravitational disk. The Headsman whacks Spider-Man with what appears to be some sort of electrical energy emitting from the giant cleaver, which is wired to a power pack on the Headsman's back. Spider-Man's mask is partially torn exposing part of his face, so he runs away, giving the Headsman a good laugh. End of round one between Spider-Man and the Headsman.

We now cut to Harry Osborn, walking with Gwen Stacy, in another pre Amazing Spider-Man #31 appearance. Who just happens to bump into them as they are walking down the street? Peter Parker, who is rushing to the offices of the Daily Bugle with a roll of film. Nothing is said between the future friends, but when Peter gets to the Bugle, He appeases publisher J. Jonah Jameson with some fresh pics of Spider-Man battling the Enforcers.

Talking about the Enforcers, they meet at the Osborn Chemical Plant where young Harry is standing atop, contemplating his problems with his father. Harry sees the Enforcers outside the front doors below and wonders why they are there. Harry sees Spider-Man swinging by in the distance, then he sets off a flare to get his attention. As Spider-Man swings his way to the plant, the Enforcers are joined by the Headsman, and they make themselves into the plant just to be surprised by Spider-Man who falls into their way through a window above. Just like in the beginning of the issue, Spider-Man has an easy time with the Enforcers, but the Headsman is infuriated with his uninvited appearance. The Headsman goes after Spider-Man again with his super-powered axe, but Spider-Man evades it with his great agility. Spider-Man now is aware that his axe is powered by some sort of power and discovers that the Headsman is wearing a power pack on his back. Spider-Man tears a main wire from the power pack, shorting it out and making the Headsman powerless. It's now the Headsman who runs (flies) away and Spider-Man is the victor of round two.

Harry at this point, is still trying to get into his father's office, but his father is simply not in the mood! Norman throws all his papers all over his office, as first the Scorcher, and now the Headsman, has failed him. Norman will delegate power no more. From now on, Norman will go with his first instincts and use his equipment himself, becoming a greater power than Spider-Man. Norman begins scribbling on some paper on his desk, and comes up with a rough draft of a "face" that Norman will present to the world. A face of a goblin, not yet green, appears on the paper, and this can be seen as the very first chronological depiction of the Green Goblin.

One of the best issues of Untold Tales yet with the explanation of just how Norman became the Green Goblin and why he chose to become him. The Enforcers make their next chronological appearance working alongside the Green Goblin in the Goblin's first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #14. The Headsman makes his next appearance in Untold Tales Of Spider-Man #18 going up against Spider-Man once again.

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Untold Tales Of Spider-Man #7

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