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September 1995

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1st Scorcher


Supporting Cast:
Aunt May, J. Jonah Jameson, Betty Brant, Captain George Stacy


 1st Scorcher

"To Serve And Protect?" - 20 Pages

- Kurt Busiek
Artist - Pat Olliffe
Inker - Al Vey
Cover -
Pat Olliffe
- Richard Starkings
Colorist -
Steve Mattsson
Editor - Tom Brevoort
Editor In Chief - Bob Budiansky

September of 1995 saw the introduction of a brand new Spider-Man series that was based on the old Stan Lee/ Steve Ditko era, but instead of replacing or re-telling those old stories, these were stories that were left untold for many years. It was aptly titled Untold Tales Of Spider-Man, and there couldn't be a better pair of creators to tell these in-continuity stories than Kurt Busiek and Pat Olliffe. Some great untold stories came from this series, and they also explained some inconsistencies that were left unexplained for years. Many characters were also introduced and there was always plenty of action!

Just open the cover to the first issue and we plunge right into the action. Spider-Man dodges some fire blasts from a never before seen villain, and his strange looking henchmen are also there to give Spider-Man trouble atop a tall building. The villains name is the Scorcher and why haven't we ever heard of him before? Because this is an UNTOLD tale! Anyway, we learn that the Scorcher has been stealing experimental electronics designs from a research and development companies. Peter wanted to get some pics but got much more involved as Spider-Man and eventually was defeated by the Scorcher in their first meeting. Peter looks back at the way things used to be before his Uncle was shot, and now with his super powers, he feel he is keeping secrets and always hiding, especially to his Aunt May. They have financial difficulties, Peter has problems at work with Daily Bugle publisher J. Jonah Jameson and his vendetta against Spider-Man. Peter wishes things could go back to the way it was before.

At the offices of the Daily Bugle, Peter was just ready to ask out secretary Betty Brant out on a date until Jameson begins his usual ranting about Spider-Man and Peter gets an idea that may put him in a better light with the public. As Spider-Man, he visits Captain George Stacy at a police precinct and declares that he wants to be a policeman. This is the first chronological meeting between Spider-Man and Stacy, as the Captain will go on to play a big supporting cast role in Amazing Spider-Man from his introduction in Amazing Spider-Man #56 till his untimely death in Amazing Spider-Man #90. After a talk with the Captain, Spider-Man realizes that he cannot become a policeman without revealing his identity. As Spider-Man leaves through his window, Stacy asks for a police file on Spider-Man as well as the file for the Ben Parker murder.

Now at home, Peter hears on the radio that the Scorcher has fled the police and that he is now at a chemical warehouse on the east side. With cops surrounding the area, Spider-Man makes his way to the warehouse and encounters the Scorcher and his henchmen, known as his "Strikesquad", just as they finish their last robbery with stolen schematics right in front of them. After a flame-blast from the Scorcher, Spider-Man is surrounded by members of his Strikesquad. Spider-Man takes care of the Strikesquad and it leaves just him and the Scorcher, but after whaling on the Scorcher for some time without any effect, Spider-Man begins to weaken due to smoke inhalation. The Scorcher has a nice little clear protective head gear that is impervious to Spider-Man's punches. While the building around him is burning down, Spider-Man must think fast before the Scorcher roasts him. In fact the Scorcher gives him a choice: Flame broiled or slow roasted, but Spider-Man replies "Tartar thanks!" As the fire spreads threatening to makes it's way to the chemicals floors below and kill many innocent people, Spider-Man quickly fires his webbing at a water tower and with all of his strength, pulls it over the building top and the Scorcher thus creating a deluge of water that extinguishes everything on fire.

Spider-Man delivers the water-logged villain to the police and Captain Stacy but is informed that the Scorcher was supposed to get away so that the police could learn of the mastermind who is paying him for the robberies. In the shadows we learn that is was Norman Osborn who just took the last of the plans that the Scorcher stole. This was before he became the Green Goblin and you just know he not up to something good! By the way, this story takes place just after Amazing Spider-Man #6, long before an Osborn or a Goblin has been introduced. The Scorcher makes his next appearance in Untold Tales Of Spider-Man #14 but there is plenty of action in the 12 issues in-between!

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Untold Tales Of Spider-Man #-1

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