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November 1968

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Supporting Cast:
Harry Osborn, Norman Osborn, Miles Warren, Mary Jane Watson, J. Jonah Jameson, Gwen Stacy, Captain George Stacy, Aunt May


Green Goblin

"The Goblin Lives!" - 58 Pages

Writer -
Stan Lee
Artist - John Romita
Inking -
Jim Mooney & Frank Giacoia
Cover - John Romita
Lettering - Sam Rosen & Art Simek

It's been quite some time since the Green Goblin has last graced the pages of a Spider-Man comic, and it will be even longer since this is technically a magazine, but he's back! Ever since Norman Osborn has lost his memory of his alter ego as the Goblin in Amazing Spider-Man #39 & #40 due to an electro-chemical fire, Peter has feared the possibility that Norman would regain his memory. Part of that memory includes the fact that Norman discovered that Spider-Man is Peter Parker, before the accident took away his memory. Norman has made some appearances since his memory loss: He appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #47, where it was revealed that he had a working relationship with Kraven the Hunter around Amazing Spider-Man #34. That era was expanded upon somewhat in Amazing Spider-Man Annual '96. In all this time, Norman has been free from the haunting memories of the events that transpired in Amazing Spider-Man #39 & 40, but they begin to comeback slowly but surely beginning in Amazing Spider-Man #61-63. In Amazing Spider-Man #63, Norman is reminded of the Green Goblin, after seeing Peter Parker, and it's only a matter of time before Spider-Man's arch nemesis strikes again. It's all told here, in the large-size second issue of Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine, which is now in full color. Unfortunately, this is also the last issue of the series.

The issue begins inside the exclusive executive's club, where Captain George Stacy is giving a seminar on the history of super-villains. In attendance are J. Jonah Jameson and Norman Osborn, as well as others. Peter Parker and his roommate Harry Osborn is there as well, invited as guests by Harry's father. As the seminar is underway, Stacy displays pictures of the Green Goblin, and Norman begins to perspire at the mere sight of him. Norman states that this sort of this happens to him every time that the Goblin is mentioned. Peter is very worried at this point, not wanting to even think about going up against his most feared foe again. What see for the next several pages is a re-cap of the history of the Spider-Man-Green Goblin/ Norman Osborn relationship throughout the years. Back to the seminar, where Osborn adds that the sight of Spider-Man seems to sting him like an exposed nerve. It gets so bad for Norman, that he almost keels over, and he cries for someone to get a doctor. Later at a hospital, a doctor gave Norman a sedative, but does not know what to make of his current ailment. As everyone leaves the hospital, Peter thinks back to the events that transpired in Amazing Spider-Man #39 & #40, where the two arch foes learned each other's identities. Peter's fears grows deeper and deeper now, that Norman will regain full memory of these events, and of his alter ego.

Peter makes a visit to his Aunt May for some apple pie and coffee, while back at the hospital, Norman Osborn cannot seem to get the Green Goblin and Spider-Man from swirling in his head. While the pain is becoming worse for Norman, his head is becoming more clearer, and then he rises from his hospital bed and cries out loud: "The Green Goblin isn't dead! He never died! I am the Goblin!" (dramatic stuff huh?). Osborn then gets dressed and rushes out of the hospital, pushing people aside, including his own son. Norman now thinks that he knows what he has to do, and follows his dim memory to a warehouse in a slum area. Inside, he finds his goblin-gear (glider and costume), and suits up for revenge upon Spider-Man!

Where is Peter? He is at Empire State University, where he and Gwen Stacy attend science class together. They head over to see Harry Osborn after, and he tells them of the unfortunate incident at the hospital. Peter is VERY worried at this point, just knowing what Norman is up to. Peter and Gwen head back out, and part ways in the middle of their walk. Peter is a jumble of nerves on his walk back home, worrying that at any moment, the Green Goblin could attack. When Peter gets back home, he still worries. Even if he defeats the Goblin, he would be out to destroy his best friend's father. Peter falls asleep, but has nightmares throughout the night concerning the Goblin. Fed-up at this point, Peter awakens and suits up as Spider-Man, then heads out the window to go and find Norman. He eventually makes it to the place of their last battle from Amazing Spider-Man #40, but he finds no sign of life there. When he swings back out of the area, who else but the Green Goblin, is right there behind him! Spider-Man's spider-sense begins to tingle like mad, but the Goblin is only playing "cat and mouse" with him at this point. Spider-Man now heads for home, while the Goblin plans for Spider-Man's complete destruction.

Later, at Norman's luxurious apartment, his son waits for him to come home. When Norman does come home, he belittles his son, and takes a rest. Harry then phones Peter to let him know that his father is back home, and wants to throw a dinner party that night, and invites Peter and Gwen. Peter thinks to himself, that Norman may be setting up the dinner to get at Peter, but Peter is ready for him. Peter then makes a visit to the Stacy household, where he talks to Gwen and her father George. Peter and Gwen soon leave for the dinner party, and when they arrive, they meet Mary Jane and of course, Norman. Norman shakes Peter's hand so hard, that if he didn't have the proportionate strength of a spider, it would be broken. The dinner is tension-packed for Peter, with Osborn present. Norman begins to lose control again, as they all go into the living room, and Peter makes believe he has a phone call to make. While pretending to be on the phone, Peter webs-up a ball of webbing, and throws it into the fireplace, to create a smoke bomb. Everyone begins to escape, making Norman very furious, and then threatening to go after Peter's Aunt May in the process. When the firemen arrive, both Norman and Peter are gone.

Atop a nearby building, Peter changes into Spider-Man, and Norman Osborn changes into the Green Goblin, in his secret hideout. Norman stocks his "bag of tricks" with some pumpkin-bombs, and glides off towards the Parker house. Within time, Spider-Man catches up to him, and the long awaited battle begins. The Goblin threatens to divulge Peter's secret identity to his Aunt, while attacking him with his goblin glider. After Spider-Man receives most of the force of a goblin-blast thrust from the Goblin's finger, Spider-Man gets up and wallops the Goblin, sending him several yards away. Spider-Man then scales the house to evade the Goblin, who begins to use his "bag of tricks" on Spidey. Razor-sharp bat-discs, pumpkin-bombs, then a psychedelic pumpkin, is thrown at Spider-Man. A vapor begins to emit from the psychedelic pumpkin, and Spider-Man begins to hallucinate. He sees a ghost of the Goblin, as well as a number of monsters attacking him. He then visualizes his closest friends, then his deadliest enemies, before he realizes that the gas was hallucinatory in nature. The real Goblin comes up behind Spider-Man, but Spider-Man pulls his glider right from underneath him, throwing the Goblin into the ground below. Spider-Man grabs the Goblin's "bag of tricks" from him , leaving him alone in his battle with Spider-Man.

The two arch foes battle it out for awhile, man against man. They trade punches until Spider-Man lands the hardest one to the jaw of the Goblin knocking him to the ground. Peter, still fearing that the Goblin will reveal his identity, thinks up a plan. He goes into the Goblin's "bag of tricks" and takes out one of the psychedelic pumpkins, and uses it on the Green Goblin. While Norman is under the hallucinating influences of the vapors from pumpkin, Spider-Man somehow hypnotizes Osborn into thinking that his face and the Goblin mask are the two most horrible things in the world. Osborn goes mad, and then begins to wonder why he is wearing a costume, and tears it off. When Spider-Man comes to his aid, he trembles in fear. The exposure to the gas made Osborn close his mind to anything having to do with Spider-Man or the Green Goblin. Spider-Man next removes his mask to test Osborn on how he reacts, but it's a good thing for Peter that he doesn't react at all. His secret is safe...For now!

Peter then picks up Norman and carries him to the hospital, explaining to the nurse that he is just over-tired. The nurse takes care of Norman, while Peter makes a phone call to his Aunt May. His aunt has been worrying about Peter for some time now, and when he gets off the phone, Peter discovers that Norman has some more visitors. Harry, Mary Jane, and Gwen all come to see Norman, and Peter explains to them that he had to bring him there due to being over-tired. Peter and the two girls go to the coffee bean to wait for Harry, but Peter still worries that someday, the Green Goblin may resurface once again.

The very last page of the Magazine displays an ad for the next issue. "The Mystery Of The TV Terror!". We never did get to see that issue, but we did get to see a classic Green Goblin appearance, in one of the more obscure appearances by him. It is an important one none the less, as it fills in the gap between his last appearances in Amazing Spider-Man #39 & #40 and his next appearances in Amazing Spider-Man #96-98. These Mags are harder to find than your ordinary back issues, but they are out there!

Quality Rating: 5
Significance Rating: 5

Overall Rating:


Reprinted In:
Amazing Spider-Man
Annual #9 (Partial)
Spider-Man Comics Magazine (Digest) #12

Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine #1

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