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June 1971

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No Comics Code - Drug Related


Supporting Cast:
 Mary Jane Watson, Harry Osborn


Green Goblin

"In The Grip Of The Goblin!" - 20 Pages

Writer -
Stan Lee
Artist - Gil Kane
Inker - Frank Giacoia  Tony Mortellaro
Cover - John Romita
Lettering - Sam Rosen

Not much of an introduction here, just go back and read the very last page of Amazing Spider-Man #96, and you will that Norman Osborn's memory has just returned. Ever since Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine #2, Norman has had a mental block concerning everything to do with Spider-Man and his alter ego, the Green Goblin. It seems that whenever something reminds him of his past though, he begins to get wacky, and then eventually he goes back to being the Green Goblin. Well, here he is! He looks like he wants to put Spider-Man away for good in this second part of the drug trilogy, not approved by the comics code authority.

Last we left off last issue, Spider-Man has just opened a door to an old hiding place for the Green Goblin, and it just happens to be the Goblin who comes rushing after him, after he enters the door. The Goblin is madder and more dangerous than ever, but the battle gets off to a rough start for the Goblin, as Spider-Man knocks him off his goblin glider. The Goblin then goes into his little bag of tricks and takes a pumpkin that emits vapors that makes Spider-Man's head begin to spin. Spider-Man is an easy target now for the Goblin, and he lands a powerful punch to Spider-Man's jaw, then glides outside to wait for him there. Spider-Man goes after him, and is knocked down by one of the Goblin's bat boomerangs. Now outside, they battle on a rooftop and in the air, where another of the Goblin's boomerangs cut through Spider-Man's webbing while he is in mid-air. As Spider-Man falls, the Goblin throws some pumpkin bombs at him to keep him off-balance, but Spider-Man swings to safety none the less. Spider-Man then goes after the Goblin again, and tries to talk some sense into him, but the Goblin is not listening. Again with the bag of tricks, the Goblin uses sparkler spray from his fingertips to temporarily blind Spider-Man, and again Spider-Man falls. After catching the edge of a window ledge, Spider-Man begins to clear his head, but the Green Goblin has escaped thinking that Spider-Man has fallen to his death.

Spider-Man now changes back to Peter Parker, worrying about his secret identity being exposed by the one who knows about it: The Green Goblin. Peter returns back to his apartment, and his roommate Harry Osborn, who is still sore at Peter for his girlfriend Mary Jane Watson coming-on to him from last issue. After arguing for a bit, Harry takes something for his headache, but it's not aspirin. Peter is astounded that Harry has become a "pill-popper", especially after Harry falls on his beds just seconds after popping some strange pills. The next morning, the two roomies meet Mary Jane Watson at Empire State University, but MJ attaches herself to Peter instead of Harry. Harry just goes off by himself and finds himself a new friend who just happens to be a drug dealer, and he gives something to Harry that he states will "take his mind off of that girl". He does Harry a "favor", and gives him a bottle of pills, hoping to do business with Harry again in the future (by getting him hooked on the drugs). Peter is now worried about Harry's well-being, and goes looking for him unsuccessfully. He changes into , then makes a visit to the Green Goblin's office (Norman Osborn's). After learning that his office is empty, he changes back to Peter Parker, and talks to his secretary. She states that he hasn't been heard from since the prior Sunday, and Peter leaves with any messages.

Back at Empire State University, Harry and Mary Jane have a little talk, and Harry learns that MJ is no one's "girl". Harry then goes to his apartment and has it out with Peter, after blaming him for the way Mary Jane feels towards Harry. Peter realizes that Harry is becoming more and more irrational lately, and suggests calling a doctor for him. After Harry declines the offer, Peter leaves, giving Harry the chance to pop some of the new pills he received from the drug dealer earlier. Peter makes another little swing by Osborn's office again as Spider-Man, but again, finds no trace of him or the Green Goblin.

While Peter was away from the apartment looking for Osborn, Harry has been tripping on the drugs he has taken. With feelings of drowning & dying, nothing seems real to Harry anymore, and he is going out of his mind. Peter finally arrives back at the apartment, after about an hour of web-slinging, and finds his roommate & best friend out cold on the bed. Peter tells Harry to wake up, then Harry asks Peter for help. Just as Peter is reaching for the telephone, ready to call the doctor, the sound of crazed laughter fills the room. It probably does nothing to Harry, as he is stoned out of his mind, but Peter has much more than an educated guess concerning it's origin: The Green Goblin, and he waiting outside his apartment ready to take him on once again!

What does Peter do? Try and stay to help his ailing best friend, or suit-up as Spider-Man, and take out the Green Goblin, once and for all? That very question is answered next issue in "The Goblin's Last Gasp!"

Quality Rating: 5
Significance Rating: 5

Overall Rating:


Reprinted In:
Marvel Tales
Marvel Tales

Amazing Spider-Man #96

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