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May 1971

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No Comics Code - Drug Related


Supporting Cast:
 Mary Jane Watson, Randy Robertson, Harry Osborn, Norman Osborn, Aunt May, Anna Watson, Betty Brant, Joe Robertson


Green Goblin

"..And Now, The Goblin!" - 20 Pages

Writer -
Stan Lee
Artist - Gil Kane
Inker - John Romita & Tony Mortellaro
Cover - Gil Kane
Lettering - Artie Simek

The three issues of Amazing Spider-Man beginning with this very issue are some of the most important Spider-Man issues ever. Why? you may ask, well just a look on the cover and see if you can find the Comics Code seal of approval. Yep, that's right, its not there! And the reason being is that this storyline contains an anti-drug theme running throughout the three issue arc. The anti-drug theme is not the only thing that makes these issues stand out from the rest, mainly because it stars Spider-Man's greatest enemy, the Green Goblin. The Goblin was last seen at the end of Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine #2, where he was defeated by Spider-Man, then was exposed to the hallucinating effects of his own psychedelic pumpkin. Spider-Man made him believe that anything that has to do with either Spider-Man or the Green Goblin was to be feared, and somehow he lost his memory concerning the two. His memory has been "blocked" similar to the effects of a electrical-chemical fire left on him at the end of the classic Amazing Spider-Man #40.

Drama! Action! Shock! The splash page isn't kidding either! Spider-Man has just gotten back from London, where he was last issue. He went to see Gwen Stacy, but when he had to become Spider-Man, he couldn't risk her knowing that he was there as well. She may put two and two together and realize that Peter Parker and Spider-Man are one in the same. When his plane lands back in the states, Peter heads over to the Daily Bugle building and gives Editor Joe Robertson, pics of Spider-Man battling terrorists from London. Peter gets the suspicion that he and Spider-Man are one and the same, just like he feared Gwen would, have she known he was in London. The next day at Empire State University, Peter meets his best friend Harry Osborn, who persuades him to see his father concerning a job offer at one of the largest chemical companies on the East Coast. Only thing is, is that Harry's father is none other than Norman Osborn, better known as the Green Goblin. Peter soon changes into Spider-Man, and thinks back to his last battle with the Green Goblin.

After thinking about the offer for awhile, Peter makes a visit to Osborn's office. While waiting for Norman, Peter discovers that he has a doctor with him, and fears that he may be cracking up again. When the doctor leaves, he tells Norman not to think about superheroes and reports about Spider-Man, as they seem to affect his blood pressure. After the little warning, Norman and Peter talk. Norman comes out and states that Peter reminds him of someone, but he doesn't know who. Anyway, Norman lets Peter know to get back to him with his schedule, to be paid by the hour, if interested in a job. Before Peter leaves, Norman asks if he will be seeing him at a show that Mary Jane Watson is performing at that night, and Peter eventually gives in and decides to go. Walking home, Peter thinks that maybe this new job will bring in some much needed cash for him, and that things may be looking up. Or are they?

Out of nowhere, a police car's siren goes off and begins to rush off somewhere, and Peter changes into Spider-Man. Spider-Man goes swinging into action to see what the police where called to, and arrives on the scene in question. A young man is atop a building stoned (which you can say since there is no code!) out of his mind. "I can float, fly like a bird!" declares the young man, as he prepares to "spread his wings". The police below shout at him, that they are going to help him, but it is too late. The man begins to fall to the ground, but Spider-Man swings into scoop him up at the last second. He brings the man to the police safely, then swings off again. He thinks to himself that any drug strong enough to give that kid that kind of trip, can damage your brain badly. "But how do you warn the kids? How do you reach them?" This is obviously a little message to the comics code.

Spider-Man changes back into Peter Parker, and then meets the gang for Mary Jane's show. Harry mentions that the theatre that will house the show, was once owned by his father Norman, who is also there with the gang. Mary Jane takes a liking to Peter right in front of Harry, and Harry is obviously perturbed by it. After they all enter the theatre, the show begins shortly thereafter, and Mary Jane is the star of the show. After the show, Norman begins to act very strange, stating that he feels a chill go through him. Peter's spider sense begins to go off as well, as he is warned about something that is behind a door, also seeing that Norman is reacting like he wants to open it for some reason. When MJ comes out to join Harry, she asks if Peter is coming with them to celebrate, and Harry is even more angered than before.

Norman Osborn is increasingly intrigued by what is behind the mystery door, and goes back to find out why. At the same time, Peter goes to the same building, and changes into Spider-Man. He wants to investigate the room himself, but as Spider-Man, and he discovers that Norman Osborn has beat him to the door. Norman is beginning to remember, as he realizes that he has the key to open the door. After Norman enters the theatre, Spider-Man rushes in after him, and he does not like what he discovers. After Spider-Man opens the door to the theatre, The Green Goblin is quickly in his face, ready to put Peter's life away. "Parker! You dare come here? You'll never leave alive!"

Well, the next issue of the drug trilogy is set up in great fashion. Next issue we see the battle many have been waiting for, plus the drug theme is focused on even more when Peter's best friend Harry Osborn begins to have some problems of his own.

Quality Rating: 5
Significance Rating: 5

Overall Rating:


Reprinted In:
Marvel Tales
Marvel Tales

Amazing Spider-Man #95

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