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November 1968

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Supporting Cast:
 Gwen Stacy, Captain George Stacy, J. Jonah Jameson, Harry Osborn, Joe Robertson, Aunt May, Anna Watson, Betty Brant, Ned Leeds


Mysterio, Green Goblin (Cameo)

"The Madness Of Mysterio!" - 20 Pages

Writer -
Stan Lee
Artist - John Romita
Finishes - Don Heck
Finishes - M. Esposito
Cover - John Romita
Lettering - Artie Simek

It's been awhile since the last Mysterio storyline in this title. Amazing Spider-Man #24 was the last time Mysterio showed his face, although without his costume in that issue. The actual last appearance of Mysterio was in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #4 and now he is back again in this memorable two part story.

It starts off with Mysterio seeking his revenge on Spider-Man after many months and from the looks of the plans he has set for the wall-crawler, it's a doozy!. Mysterio plans on using a model of an amusement park designed by the master special effects man and Spider-Man will soon learn that it is more than just any ordinary amusement park. We learn that Mysterio "pardoned" himself from prison by creating a cloud of smoke and fleeing when the guards opened the bars. Great prison huh? Of course Mysterio has to gain the attention of Spider-Man and that he does by appearing in public (incidentally very close to peter!) making Peter very eager to go after him.

The supporting cast is represented very well in this issue as Peter and Gwen have some quiet moments together and Captain George Stacy and Joe Robertson have some talks concerning Spider-Man and just who they think he may be. They finally come to the agreement that Spider-Man has to be someone that they both know personally. Elsewhere, Norman Osborn has donned the Green Goblin costume once again as his memory is getting clearer and clearer concerning who he is and his life as the Green Goblin.

Back to Mysterio: Peter arrives back home to find out that Mysterio has gained access to every channel on television threatening to destroy the city and his greatest nemesis, Spider-Man. Peter quickly dons the Spider-Man costume and arrives at the old TV studio where he first defeated Mysterio only to get beaten in a cloud of smoke and then zapped by some sort of gun. The gun seemingly transforms Spider-Man into what seems like a miniature Spidey  just six inches high thrust in the middle of the amusement park set that Mysterio had designed. The issue ends by Mysterio claiming that "No one can save Spider-Man from total annihilation at the hands of Mysterio!". Doesn't look good huh?

Quality Rating: 4
Significance Rating: 3

Overall Rating:


Reprinted In:
Marvel Tales
Spider-Man Comics Magazine (Digest)
Spider-Man Essentials

Amazing Spider-Man #65

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